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What We Offer

If you have ever felt like your doctor didn’t have time to spend on personalizing your care or was too busy to respond to your needs, you’ve come to the right place.

We are not limited to old tools and insurance rules on time and approach. We can tailor your care plan to meet your health needs, your goals.

Comprehensive Annual Visit

This is our cornerstone service: a thorough annual review of your health using best practices. We analyze your risk factors and create a prioritized wellness plan to meet your needs. Read more about our annual visit.

Follow up care & wellness visits

Health change occurs over time. Unlike traditional insurance-based care, we are not limited to the single “annual visit” and encourage flexible follow-up to review your care plan to fit with your goals and schedule.

Chronic Condition
Same or Next Day Care

Internal medicine expertise means that we can manage many common medical conditions including medication prescribing and remote patient monitoring. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation about the types of specific conditions that we manage. 

Health problems rarely fit a schedule. You can contact us when needed and we will arrange to see you when you need care. Our practice enrollment is small to make access to your doctor easy.

After Hours Care
Access advanced screening technologies

In urgent situations, Dr. O'Keefe is available for after hours advice. Same and next day appointments can assist in preventing visits to urgent care. 

We are constantly evaluating new technologies for screening and monitoring health and wellness and making these available as appropriate to our patients.
See our newsletters for updates.

Dr. O'Keefe was remarkably attentive, compassionate, and clear in his communication as well as thorough in his assessment and plan of treatment. An excellent and outstanding provider.


Annual Membership



Discounts available for family members and for dependents under 26. 


This includes the annual comprehensive visit (same services as Executive Physical) as well as year-round access and visits.

Business Membership


with Executive Physical


Contact Us

We offer a discounted annual membership if your employer covers an Executive Physical with us.

About the Annual Comprehensive Visit

The best people to decide on your specific care plan are you and your doctor.


When you go to any traditional insurance-based office or large executive health program, someone else is running the “business” and planning your care according to a checklist that is not optimized for you. Welcome to our better, more individualized approach!


Excel Health will reach out to you before your visit to inquire about any must-do requests from you. Don’t worry if you’re uncertain or have no pre-visit requests, anything can be discussed and planned at the visit.


Depending on your needs, a typical visit will include at a minimum:


  • Unhurried review of medical history, family/genetic risk, and lifestyle-related health to create personal wellness plan

  • Follow-up plan with check-ins that does not wait >12 months until your next annual visit

  • Body composition analysis and tracking

  • EKG *

  • Complete, customized laboratory profile *

  • Cardiovascular screening such as coronary CT scan ("calcium score") *

  • Referral to dietary and wellness resources**

  • Arrangements for cancer screening and genetic testing**


Included as medically appropriate to the individual 

** Referrals are included, but outside services are not included in the fee. These can go through insurance.

Dr. O’Keefe has provided "concierge-style" care for patients for almost a decade of practice at UCLA and Emory University Executive Health. He will expand access to this type of care through Excel Health, where appropriate, to reduce the frequency of overused traditional services that have no proven benefit and to improve general access to your primary care doctor to help customize your care. Schedule a Meet & Greet now. 

Annual Visit
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