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Personal Primary Care

About Our Clinic

We designed Excel Health to provide the best care possible by creating a membership-based practice that allows us to work directly for you.


Our mission is to provide expert, personalized care and build long-term relationships with our patients. As a direct primary care (DPC) practice with concierge-level care, we are free from limits set by third parties (insurance and big healthcare systems), allowing us to meet your needs without artificial limits on time, access to your doctor, or services offered. We focus on you and your health goals.


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Elements of Our Practice

Real access to your doctor

We are easy to reach and provide care in-person, by phone or video, or by messaging. Our small practice size allows easy access to visit when you need.

time for your needs

No more rushed visits. Our visits are twice as long as routine primary care visits. We can connect with you after the visit as often as necessary to make sure your care plan is working for you.

expertise matters

We partner with you to use current best-practice primary care science to create your personalized care plan. Our doctor is a nationally recognized expert in primary care.

Services Provided

Comprehensive Annual Visits

Same and Next-day Urgent Visits

Chronic condition  management

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